Whisper on the Wind by Claire Saxby

Dreams and breezes and moonbeams introduce us to a sleeping child, Ren, safe in her lighthouse home. As she sleeps, a whisper from her dream is carried by the wind across an aquatic dreamscape filled with underwater creatures and a swirling sea, lyrically described in cumulative text that is complemented with lively illustrations.

Meanwhile, a sailor is being guided by the lighthouse beam – or is it a child’s dream? As the day dawns, Ren happily greets it with her mother safely back home.

Whisper on the Wind has a lovely poetic sensibility that makes for a melodic read aloud. This is childhood magic for ages 2+.

Alexa Dretzke is from Readings Hawthorn

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Whisper on the Wind

Whisper on the Wind

Claire Saxby, Jess Racklyeft

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