When It Drops by Alex Dyson

Every bedroom music producer dreams of fame and when one of Caleb’s tracks goes viral after being leaked by a pesky sibling, you’d think he’d be totally delighted. Instead, he’s a wreck. The song is an emotional outpouring about a crush, and of course now everybody knows. He may as well have named it ‘To The One Girl I’ve Loved Before (and Still Love)’. There’s no turning back though, and he enters the strange world that is the music industry. There are cheesy photo shoots and weird parties. It’s good, bad and ugly.

With school, family, friendships and his crush, life is all very hectic for Caleb. He’s unconvinced this is the right path, but maybe, when surrounded by the right people, he can find a way to be successful and do what he loves. As one might expect from the debut book by a former Triple J host, there’s plenty of references to bands and artists in here. There’s also a pretty funny send up of radio host macho buffoonery.

The book is inspired by Dyson’s time on air, when he met artists like Lorde who became famous as teenagers and it’s a really fresh, funny YA novel, obviously a great choice for those into music.

Kim Gruschow is the children’s book buyer at Readings St Kilda.

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When It Drops

When It Drops

Alex Dyson

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