This Is Not A Test by Courtney Summers

I couldn’t put this book down. I carried it with me everywhere, reading it on my lunchbreak, on the tram and standing in line at the supermarket.

It’s a fantastic, addictive read – The Breakfast Club meets The Walking Dead. Six teenagers are barricaded into their school after a zombie virus breaks out. The zombies are a constant, threatening presence, banging on the doors and hovering outside, but the real tension of the novel lies within the walls of the school as a psychological drama plays out. Every character has done questionable things to survive this far and no one is sure of who they can trust. Secrets are exposed, alliances are formed (and broken) and resentments grow. This is dark, gritty, sophisticated YA – the kind of book to be equally enjoyed by both adults and teens.

Nina Kenwood is the Online Manager for Readings.

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This is Not a Test

This is Not a Test

Courtney Summers

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