The Wild Robot by Peter Brown

After a fierce storm sinks a cargo ship and dislodges its contents, boxes of robots are destroyed on the rock of a wild and remote island and only one remains intact.

Cheeky otters explore this robotic gravesite and with playful antics activate Roz, who has a sophisticated computer brain with the capacity to evolve. The future meets a formidable natural world where instinct is paramount to survival. It’s the one thing Roz lacks – or does she? She is not welcomed by the animals, who fear this big, crazy-looking thing and yet, over time they learn cooperation and respect, and eventually this refugee robot becomes a member of their community.

Who would have thought a story about a robot could be so imaginative, quirky and touching? This is Peter Brown’s first novel, after a very successful career as an award-winning picture-book illustrator, and it is a masterful and charming transition with the added bonus of illustrations that enhance a wonderful book for readers aged between 8 to 12 years.

Alexa Dretzke is the assistant manager and children’s book buyer at Readings Hawthorn.

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The Wild Robot

The Wild Robot

Peter Brown

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