The Tiny Explorers by Kat Macleod

Sometimes a lovely picture book comes along and inspires the imagination. The Tiny Explorers is such a book with its mixed-media illustrations and sumptuous palette. A group of miniature young people are exploring a natural wonderland and gathering treasures that they find – a blueberry here, a soft pink feather there. They seem to be unwittingly following a silvery trail as they carry their bounty to a final secretive place.

The Tiny Explorers is a joyful, beautiful book that celebrates the natural world in all its colourful, graceful glory. Kat Macleod has truly created something special. For ages 3+.

Alexa Dretzke is a Children’s & YA Book Specialist at Readings Hawthorn.

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The Tiny Explorers

The Tiny Explorers

Kat Macleod

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