The Song of Lewis Carmichael by Sofie Laguna & Marc McBride

This utterly exquisite adventure story about travelling in a hot air balloon on the boreal winds to the Arctic north has all the hallmarks of a contemporary classic.

Matthew is a quiet, reserved boy – he struggles to fit in and feels his solitary nature is a disappointment to his parents. He is secretly obsessed with the Arctic and has read many books about the harsh landscape and the remarkable animals that live there. Feeding a bird with a broken wing at the park becomes the precursor to an incredible journey with the talking bird, known as Lewis Carmichael, to the Arctic. Matthew is challenged and encouraged by Lewis Carmichael as they travel, and he becomes more confident in his abilities. The two of them have an extraordinary adventure that changes them both forever.

This is a classic hero’s journey written with great sensitivity by award-winning author Sofie Laguna. The story is complemented by beautiful line drawings rendered in blue by Marc McBride. It’s an utter delight for readers ages 9+ and will be a magical read-aloud for younger audiences as well.

Angela Crocombe is the kids book buyer at Readings.

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The Song of Lewis Carmichael

The Song of Lewis Carmichael

Sofie Laguna, Marc McBride

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