The Pony Question by Jackie Merchant

Essie gave up on horses after she was caught up in a cheating scandal with her last pony. Her dad was the parent who helped with her horse and riding events, anyway. Now her parents have divorced, and she lives with her mum in the country. However, when she and her mum go to a farm sale, they accidentally buy a starving, neglected pony that desperately needs their love.

This is a classic animal-rescue story with a strong cast of characters, including Essie’s mum, helpful neighbours and, of course, the feisty pony with unknown origins. There is a great deal to enjoy for those who love horse stories, but the difficulties of having separated parents and trying to find common ground again with a parent who has let you down are also explored. This is an engaging story for readers aged 9+.

Angela Crocombe is the manager of Readings Kids.

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The Pony Question

The Pony Question

Jackie Merchant

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