The Odds by Matt Stanton

Sydney author Matt Stanton has amassed many fans with his picture books and the popular Funny Kid novels. He has now turned his hand to graphic novels and The Odds is the first book in a new series. An assortment of critters from various imaginative worlds have crossed over to real life and they are all lurking in Kip’s bedroom as she wakes up one day. There’s a dinosaur, a ninja from a TV show, a character from a story Kip’s dad is working on, and even a unicorn without a bottom from one of Kip’s unfinished drawings! Naturally, this is cause for alarm.

Kip and her dad try to keep a lid on the situation, but the Odds all have distinct personalities and some of them are quite sassy! It doesn’t take long to become quite fond of the Odds. My favourite is the seemingly depressed little elephant who chooses to hide in bed instead of deal with the unknown. Quite relatable, really. It’s a funny book but it’s not without heart, and there are empowering messages among all the deadpan lines and antics. I think this will be a real hit with kids aged 7+.

Kim Gruschow is the children’s book buyer at Readings St Kilda.

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The Odds (The Odds, Book 1)

The Odds (The Odds, Book 1)

Matt Stanton

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