The Curious Case of Cora Bell (Jinxed!, Book 1) by Rebecca McRitchie and Sharon O'Connor (illus.)

Cora is a foundling. She has no memory prior to her life with Dot and Scratch the cat in the city of Urt. Their survival is dependent on scavenging and trading amidst fierce competition. Life takes a terrifying turn for Cora when her home is destroyed, her family goes missing and she’s pursued by the menacing and powerful Jinx.

Teaming up with two bumbling yet helpful fairies seems Cora’s only option for survival. What follows is an absolute whirlwind of an adventure that’s jam-packed with powerful magic, witches, warlocks and hobgoblins in far off cities. But in her quest for the truth about her background, Cora discovers the power of friendship, finds courage, and channels incredible strength against the overwhelming forces seeking to destroy her.

This first book in a new series is penned by the author of the wonderful Whimsy & Woe. It’s a mix of enchanting suspense with a sprinkling of humour to lighten the more sinister moments. Recommended for for those aged 9+ who love a fantastical adventure.

Athina Clarke is the children’s book buyer at Readings Malvern.

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The Curious Curse of Cora Bell (Jinxed!, Book 1)

The Curious Curse of Cora Bell (Jinxed!, Book 1)

Rebecca McRitchie, Sharon O'Connor

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