The Coat by Julie Hunt & Ron Brooks (illus.)

A splendid coat feels itself wasted on a scarecrow till a rather diffident young man comes along and tries it on. Then suddenly the world is theirs and they soar across the landscape to the Cafe Delizia where they are invited in, not just as guests but as performers. To the young man’s consternation. But together they do entertain, they shine in fact, and bring the whole crowd to its feet in joyous dancing.

It is miraculous and life affirming and totally mysterious and Ron Brooks’s fluid illustrations say it all. I am not sure what the book is about. Homage to one’s muse? An allegory? Who knows? But from the wonderful endpapers to the evocative use of colour, the book is alive and full of mystery. Which is enough. A picture book for all ages.

Kathy Kozlowski is from Readings Carlton