Sneaky Shadows by S.C. Manchild & Sam Caldwell

Sneaky Shadows is a very simple premise, on one page the reader is shown a silhouette and asked to guess what it might be. The next page reveals the answer. It starts out quite simple with a silhouette of two penguins (called Dave and Michelle, who are happily married with children and on a night out) but very quickly descends into silliness with a very clear silhouette of a camel turning out to be a llama balancing jelly on her back.

Kids will love trying to guess what the shadows really are and will be delighted when the authors out-silly them every time. This is a great book for kids aged 3+.

Dani Solomon is the assistant manager at Readings Kids.

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Sneaky Shadows

Sneaky Shadows

SC Manchild, Sam Caldwell

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