Night Falls Over Kortedala

Oh Jens, you unrepentant romantic you! My favourite Swedish crooner is back, falling in love with a new girl every song. Night Falls Over Kortadela is an excellent rebound after his somewhat disappointing ‘difficult second album’. Somewhere between Jonathan Richmond and Belle and Sebastian, Lekman’s kooky lyricism and poetic sensibility are a constant delight. Where his earlier albums tended toward the maudlin, this one is all joie de vivre. At times it can seem like the Casio has got the better of him, but his compositions are rich and melodies so strong that you’ll find yourself whistling them down the street (until you giggle having remembered the line it supported). Triple R are already all over it, and I’m sure a lot of these songs will be kicking round for years to come.

Andrew Cornish is Manager of Readings Carlton