Making News: Tony Wilson

Charlie Dekker is an Aussie soccer player, recently retired from an English football club and still coming to terms with the lack of attention, TV spots and decent job offers. His wife, Monica, has gone from the standard WAG to hugely successful author of self-help books and is raking in the millions.

Lucas Dekker is their teenage son, a shy writer struggling to emerge from the shadows of both his famous parents. He wins a creative writing competition sponsored by muck-racking British tabloid The Globe and as he is initiated into the murky world of dodgy journalism, his father is caught in a masked ménage-a-trois that features in the same newspaper. Lucas’s junior column becomes an overnight sensation and the paparazzi start chasing him as much as his father. He faces a tough decision: to report on the scandal that is affecting his own family, or clam up and see his shot at a writing career fade away?

Tony Wilson has crafted a darkly funny and revealing story about today’s celebrity culture, invasion of privacy and the machinations involved in creating a smutty story for the masses.