Here Comes Mr Postmouse by Marianne Dubuc

Follow Mr Postmouse on his fun postal delivery, meet a variety of hilarious animal characters and explore their crazy habitats in a wonderful picture book full of the absurdity and silliness children love. Did you know rabbits grow carrots on the roof, that they sleep in bunk beds and have special rabbit toilets? Did you know bats have beds on the ceiling? And wait until you see the inside of Madame Dung Fly’s house. These and other wonders are illustrated in a free and uninhibited, childlike fashion.

This is a picture book children (and adults) will love to pore over again and again; it’s full of hidden pictorial jokes – the more you look the more you see!

Athina Clarke is a Children’s & YA Book Specialist at Readings Malvern.

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Here Comes Mr Postmouse

Here Comes Mr Postmouse

Marianne Dubuc

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