Ellie’s Dragon by Bob Graham

With his latest picture book, Bob Graham has gifted small readers another heart-filled tale celebrating imagination. When Ellie, a very small girl, discovers a luminous newborn dragon sitting atop an egg box, it is friendship at first sight. She names the dragon Scratch and takes him home, where she feeds him nasturtiums, chillies, burnt toast and barbecue coals – although Ellie’s mother, who can’t see the house’s fiery new inhabitant, won’t let her give him the tops of matches!

Over the years, the girl and dragon share loving moments together (such as movie popcorn and sleepovers), as well as make exciting discoveries on their own (such as dancing and flying). But then one day, Ellie realises that Scratch is starting to fade away, and it soon becomes clear they they’re growing apart. Luckily, there’s always a home in need of a fully grown, house-trained, affectionate dragon…

Graham’s distinctive gentle humour and soft, whimsical drawings illuminate this bittersweet portrait of growing up. For ages 3+.

Bronte Coates is the digital content manager and the Readings Prizes manager.

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Ellie's Dragon

Ellie’s Dragon

Bob Graham

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