Dragon Skin by Karen Foxlee

In the outback you can see the age of every rock and tree. The ghosts of long-dried rivers reach back through time, and their annual rebirth during the wet seasons produces miracles. It’s a place where what you imagine is as real as the distant horizon. This is fortunate because for Pip, being outside in the dust and rocks is safe.

At home on the other hand, her mum’s boyfriend stalks and growls, and Pip has to hide in her room as quiet as a mouse. Outside is also where Pip finds the dragon. It’s tiny and sick, and it needs her. As Pip heals the dragon, she finds herself changing, becoming stronger and braver, sharing her secret with her friends, and encouraging her mum to be the same.

Dragon Skin is a magical story about facing your fears and finding the courage to share. It’s a gorgeous hardback novel from the author of Lenny’s Book of Everything and A Most Magical Girl, that arrives just in time for the gifting season. For ages 10+.

Dani Solomon is the manager of Readings Kids.

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Dragon Skin

Dragon Skin

Karen Foxlee

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