Dear Grandpa by Kate Simpson and Ronojoy Ghosh (illus.)

This delightful picture book celebrates the powerful bond between a child and their grandparent, as chronicled through the long-distance exchange of letters between the imaginative young Henry and his equally inventive Grandpa. As Henry writes, the pair are separated by thousands of kilometres; even if all the blue whales in the world lined up it still wouldn’t close the gap between the two. But even as Henry measures all the curious ways his Grandpa is geographically distant, the obvious love and playfulness they share proves just how close two people can be.

The colourful, double-page illustrations beautifully capture their quirky humour and illuminate the poignant juxtaposition of physical isolation and emotional intimacy that makes this such a moving and heart-warming story of a human connection that transcends mere distance. Highly recommended for kids aged 4+ and perfect for reading with any grandparent.

Athina Clarke is the children’s book buyer at Readings Malvern.

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Dear Grandpa

Dear Grandpa

Kate Simpson, Ronojoy Ghosh

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