Claude on Holiday by Alex T. Smith

We first met the small and plump, beret-wearing Claude in the delightful Claude in the City. Now, he decides a holiday would be fun. He packs his suitcase with odd and curious things he thinks will be useful and off he and his good friend Sir Bobblysock trot. Well, the beach may be fun but there are dangers as well and it turns out that Claude can be very inventive in an emergency. He jauntily becomes involved in bothersome situations and saves the day with a variety of quaint tactics aided by the contents of his suitcase and of course, Sir Bobblysock. There’s one thing I’ve forgotten to tell you and that is Claude is a dog and his good friend – well – he is a sock, which makes for lots of fun. These are great little junior novels and the hilarious illustrations are a treat that adults as well as kids will enjoy. Do you know what your dog gets up to while you are at school? For ages seven and up.

Alexa Dretzke is from Readings Hawthorn

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Claude on Holiday

Claude on Holiday

Alex T Smith

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