Tom Davies

Tom Davies works as a bookseller at Readings Doncaster.


Three Men in a Boat by Jerome K. Jerome

Having just diagnosed himself with every illness in his medical textbook, and feeling generally run down by the grind of the city, the narrator of Three Men in a Boat convinces his friends, George an…

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The Returns by Philip Salom

Bookselling day in and day out is not what he expected. It is more like dreaming of love and waking on the wrong side of the road.

The Returns centres on Trevor, a quiet, elderly bookseller with a f…

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Papa Goose by Michael Quetting

In 2017, various institutes across Germany and Russia joined teams to form the International Cooperation for Animal Research Using Space, better known as ICARUS. The idea was to use satellites to tra…

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Take Nothing With You by Patrick Gale

In an attempt to rebound from his previous relationship, Eustace meets the calm and confident Theo on a dating app. Twenty years his junior, Theo is stationed on a military base, and their romance is…

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And the Ocean Was Our Sky by Patrick Ness & Rovina Cai

What if Moby Dick were told from the perspective of the whale? This is the question that inspired And The Ocean Was Our Sky, but it doesn’t nearly begin to sum it up. The story is told through the ey…

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Goodnight Mister Tom by Michelle Magorian

Goodnight Mister Tom follows the life of Willie as he is evacuated from London in the build-up to World War Two. Small and afraid, he blossoms under the kindness of Mister Tom, the gruff old man who …

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Happy Never After by Jill Stark

Five years after publishing High Sobriety, Jill Stark returns with Happy Never After, somewhere between a follow-up memoir and investigative journalism.

Where High Sobriety explored Stark’s and the …

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Felix Culpa by Jeremy Gavron

The moment I heard about Jeremy Gavron’s new novel, I knew I had to read it. Felix Culpa starts with the death of a young man, a prison inmate, before going back to explore his life and how much the …

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Flames by Robbie Arnott

A cremated woman returns after her ashes are scattered in the bush. A water rat searches for the Cloud God. A wombat farmer who dreams of cormorants every night wakes to find his bed full of feathers…

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Look At Me by Mareike Krugel

Look At Me is Mareike Krügel’s fourth novel, and her first to be translated into English. It opens with Katharina being called in to pick up her daughter, Helli, from school, after Helli suffers from…

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