Suzanne Steinbruckner

Suzanne Steinbruckner is from Readings Carlton

Review — 28 Apr 2022

Losing Face by George Haddad

Nineteen-year-old Joey is drifting along unsure where his life is headed. Right now, it involves shifts at the local supermarket, hanging with his best mate Kyri, and blowing his wages…

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Review — 27 Jan 2022

Home and Other Hiding Places by Jack Ellis

Eight-year-old Fin’s life is uprooted in Jack Ellis’ touching novel, Home and Other Hiding Places. Fin’s entire point of reference is his mum, with whom he lives at a…

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Review — 30 Mar 2021

Higher Ground by Anke Stellin

I have not been able to stop thinking about Anke Stelling’s brilliant novel Higher Ground. In trying to nail down just what made me want to pick it up…

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Review — 2 Mar 2021

Hold Your Fire by Chloe Wilson

Chloe Wilson’s brilliant debut collection of short stories, Hold Your Fire, is an absolute delight to read. Contained within you’ll find a mix of witty and deadpan flash fiction…

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Review — 1 Feb 2021

The Beach Caves by Trevor Shearston

Annette Cooley and Sue Klima met in their first prehistory tutorial. Quickly realising they were as ambitious as each other, they chose friendship over competition. Now it’s 1970 and the…

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Review — 25 Feb 2018

Apple and Knife by Intan Paramaditha

Apple and Knife is an engrossing collection of short stories by Intan Paramaditha, translated into English from Indonesian for the first time by Stephen J. Epstein. I found myself so…

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Review — 24 Sep 2017

Prime Suspect 1973

It’s very satisfying to go back in time and watch the origin story of a character you’ve come to know well from a long-running series. In Prime Suspect 1973

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Review — 26 Apr 2017

Closing Down by Sally Abbott

I haven’t been able to stop thinking about Sally Abbott’s debut Closing Down since I finished reading it. Abbott has crafted a grim vision of a not-too-distant future world, where…

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Review — 29 Jan 2017

The Case Against Fragrance by Kate Grenville

The Case Against Fragrance will make you reassess the scents you encounter in your day-to-day life. A departure from her usual fare, the idea for this book came about while…

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Review — 26 Jun 2016

Treading Air by Ariella Van Luyn

I really fell for Lizzy O’Dea in Ariella Van Luyn’s historical fiction, Treading Air. We meet Lizzie in Brisbane’s lock hospital in 1945. She’s just been given a lighter…

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