Sean O’Beirne

Sean O'Beirne is from Readings State Library Victoria

Review — 21 May 2014

Can’t and Won’t by Lydia Davis

Lydia Davis writes extraordinary stories about our incompetence. Not the more obvious incompetence: the slippery slides and fallings flat that are the stuff of light comedy. Davis makes her stories…

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Blog post — 7 Sep 2014

What I Loved: Monkey Grip by Helen Garner

I read Monkey Grip when I was first trying to learn to be a writer, and looking around to see if there was anything Australian that could help me. There…

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Review — 22 Jul 2014

The Whitlam Mob by Mungo MacCallum

It’s hard to understand now what it would have been like to have the same government in Australia for 23 years. Different prime ministers, but still: the same party, the…

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Review — 25 Jun 2014

The Prince by David Marr

There is, throughout this book, the satisfaction of seeing Cardinal George Pell put under the bright light of reason. The Catholic Church dresses Pell and all it’s other ‘princes’ up…

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Review — 1 Jun 2014

The Great Beauty

The opening scenes of The Great Beauty give you a double helping of Rome, with Rome on top: gardens, monuments, cloisters, statuary, and a disco party next to the Colosseum…

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Blog post — 7 Aug 2013

Events Recap: The Problems of the Labor Party

*Sean O’Beirne recaps some recent politically-focused Readings events *

We had two events at Readings recently about the problems of the Labor Party. Jim Chalmers talked about his new…

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Review — 30 Sep 2013

50 People Who Stuffed Up Australia by Guy Rundle and Dexter Rightwad

Hardie Grant have dressed 50 People Who Stuffed Up Australia as if it was a joke book, and Rundle himself says that it’s a ‘stocking filler.’ But the book is…

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