Pilgrim Hodgson

Pilgrim Hodgson works as a bookseller at Readings Kids.


Seven Days by Fleur Ferris

Ben Parker is caught in the middle of divorced parents, convinced he’s always an afterthought in their lives. When his dad leaves on a business trip Ben feels like he’s been dumped with his country r…

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Hometown Haunts: #LoveOzYA Horror Tales edited by Poppy Nwosu

Hometown Haunts is all-Australian and all-amazing, bringing together some of our best established and emerging YA authors for a collection that will chill, thrill and leave you sleeping with the ligh…

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How to Say Hello by Sophie Beer

Tackling big concepts in accessible ways, Sophie Beer’s previous board books are must-haves for little readers. Now, Love Makes a Family, Change Starts with Us and Kindness Makes Us Strong are joined…

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Rules for Vanishing by Kate Alice Marshall

Hold hands, close your eyes and take thirteen steps: that is how Becca Donoghue and her boyfriend disappeared, searching for the legend of Lucy Gallows. One year on and Becca’s sister Sara is intent …

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Moonwalkers by Mark Greenwood & Terry Denton

This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of humans walking on the moon for the first time (that we know of – who knows where the Atlanteans ended up?) and there are a lot of books coming out about th…

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The Ultimate Animal Counting Book by Jennifer Cossins

Tasmanian artist Jennifer Cossins’ 101 Collective Nouns caused an international sensation in 2018 when Oscar winner Anne Hathaway told Ellen DeGeneres how much she and her son loved the book. It teac…

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Girl in the Window by Penny Joelson

Kasia is mostly stuck in her room after a case of tonsillitis leaves her with the debilitating condition myalgic encephalomyelitis (chronic fatigue). Too weak to attend school, she watches life passi…

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Kat Wolfe Investigates by Lauren St John

Animal lover Kat Wolfe is delighted when her mum accepts a job as a vet in idyllic Bluebell Bay. Kat decides to earn some pocket money by starting the Paws & Claws Pet Sitting Agency – but when her f…

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The Extremely Weird Thing that Happened in Huggabie Falls by Adam Cece & Andrew Weldon

In Huggabie Falls, something like having a maths teacher who’s also a witch is normal, because Huggabie Falls is the weirdest town on Earth. But then something extremely weird happens! Kipp Kindle an…

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The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert

Stay away from the Hazel Wood was the warning Alice’s mother Ella left before she vanished.

Bad luck isn’t new to Alice and Ella though, and they’ve spent years on the move doing their best to stay…

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The Immortalists by Chloe Benjamin

If you knew the date of your death, how would you choose to live the rest of your life? In the late ’60s in New York’s Lower East Side, word spreads of a psychic who can predict the date a person wil…

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Book Week costume ideas

by Pilgrim Hodgson

‘I just remembered the teacher said we have to wear a costume tomorrow.’ Did your blood pressure just spike reading that? Book Week: love it or hate it, that time of year will be upon us before we know it. (17–23 August, FYI.) I’m somewhat unpopular when it comes to events like this because I LOVE a dress-up and I live for those opportunities to make something out of nothing on a tight budget. …

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