Margaret Snowdon

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Review — 1 Sep 2023

The Last Devil to Die (The Thursday Murder Club, Book 4) by Richard Osman

This newest addition to Richard Osman’s Thursday Murder Club series was my introduction to the unconventional retirees from Coopers Chase. Some may be appalled that I didn’t start with the…

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Review — 3 Jul 2023

Rental Person Who Does Nothing: A Memoir by Shoji Morimoto & Angus Turvill (trans.)

This is a memoir from someone who rents nothing and describes themselves as having ‘zero spec’ or no special qualities. In the foreword, Shoji Morimoto says he worked with a…

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Review — 30 Jun 2023

The Nigerwife by Vanessa Walters

I picked up this book looking forward to a crime novel set in a place I know very little about: Lagos, Nigeria. ‘The Nigerwives’ referenced in the title are a…

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Review — 24 Apr 2023

Man-Made: How the Bias of the Past Is Being Built into the Future by Tracey Spicer

Whether AI is something you are not interested in, or if it’s something you want to know more about, Tracey Spicer’s Man-Made is essential reading. I first started to think…

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Review — 23 Apr 2023

The Fall Between by Darcy Tindale

A policeman’s daughter, now a detective in the force herself, returns to the Hunter Valley where she was born. We discover that she wants to keep an eye on her…

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Review — 27 Mar 2023

Hanging Out: The Radical Power of Killing Time by Sheila Liming

Hanging out is to be in the moment, to become engaged with our less-than-perfect, or maybe just-perfect lives, without feeling constrained by the demands of work. Hanging out is discouraged…

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Review — 2 Nov 2022

Wandering with Intent: Essays by Kim Mahood

This is a rich and enjoyable collection of writings that combines Kim Mahood’s reflections on art and literature with her unique life experiences. Moving between desert and coast, between the…

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Review — 19 Sep 2022

Koala: A Life in Trees by Danielle Clode

Koala is more than just a fascinating book about these marsupials, it’s also an enjoyably informative chronicle of this continent from ancient prehuman times to the challenges of the present…

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Review — 30 Aug 2022

Cautionary Tales for Excitable Girls by Anne Casey-Hardy

There is something so very satisfying about a good short story, and this collection is a delightful reading experience full of moments of otherworldly recognition, real experience and unknowable mystery…

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Review — 1 Sep 2021

Why You Should Give a F*ck About Farming by Gabrielle Chan

‘I would rather pay for the farmer who passes up a few points of economic productivity to keep the fallen tree in the paddock for nesting birds. I would rather…

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