Jackie Tang

Jackie Tang is a former editor of Readings Monthly

Review — 31 Jul 2023

God Forgets about the Poor by Peter Polites

The premise of Western Sydney author Peter Polites’ third novel feels simple: a son tells his mother’s story. The narrator’s family is from Greece. His mother, named Honoured, was born…

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Review — 23 Apr 2023

Personal Score: Sport, Culture, Identity by Ellen van Neerven

This extraordinary blend of cultural studies, memoir and poetry explores a broad spectrum of subjects centred around sport and identity. With their first book of nonfiction, award-winning writer Ellen van…

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Review — 2 Mar 2023

Funny Ethnics by Shirley Le

Western Sydney writer Shirley Le’s debut novel opens on a scene that feels familiar: a young 20-something sits in nervous anticipation, about to tell her parents she’s dropping her Law…

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Review — 2 Nov 2022

Tell Me Again: A Memoir by Amy Thunig

The best memoirs immerse readers in the world of the author, becoming a viewfinder through which you experience not just the events of someone’s life but also the perspective and…

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Review — 28 Jul 2022

The Whitewash by Siang Lu

Move over Marvel Chrises, Hong Kong star JK Jr is the hot new property in Tinseltown. That is until the big-budget movie he’s attached to – Brood Empire, a…

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Review — 19 Sep 2022

A Kind of Magic by Anna Spargo-Ryan

Anna Spargo-Ryan’s A Kind of Magic is a memoir of a mind and the courage it takes to build a sense of self. Spargo-Ryan has lived with mental illness as…

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Review — 30 Aug 2022

The Settlement by Jock Serong

Jock Serong’s two previous historical novels, Preservation and The Burning Island, were hailed as gripping literary thrillers. This book, however, trades the roving journeying in those earlier works for…

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Review — 28 Jun 2022

Raised by Wolves: A Memoir with Bite by Jess Ho

Having worked in hospitality since they were 15 years old, Jess Ho has extensive knowledge of Melbourne’s food scene and its evolution over the last two decades. In high school…

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Review — 30 May 2022

You Made a Fool of Death with Your Beauty by Akwaeke Emezi

Snobs be warned. Author Akwaeke Emezi has stated in no uncertain terms that their third novel for adults, You Made a Fool of Death with Your Beauty, is a…

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Review — 28 Jun 2022

Sixty-Seven Days by Yvonne Weldon

Readers may be familiar with Yvonne Weldon as the current Deputy Chairperson of the Metropolitan Local Aboriginal Land Council, the first elected Aboriginal councillor for the City of Sydney, and…

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