Flick Ford

Flick Ford is a bookseller at Readings Carlton.


Unseen by Jacinta Parsons

About 9.5 million Australians live with a chronic illness. Many of these conditions are not outwardly visible, so symptoms and side effects are often experienced by sufferers in solitude.

Unseen is …

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Shy: A Memoir by Sian Prior

As a well-known journalist, broadcaster, teacher and singer who has spent most of her career in the spotlight, it seems quite strange that Sian Prior’s first book should be all about her shyness. Per…

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Destroying the Joint edited by Jane Caro

This collection of essays, edited by Jane Caro, was written in response to Alan Jones’s infamous announcement that ‘women are destroying the joint’ and the subsequent retaliation on social media. Cov…

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We are not the Same Anymore by Chris Somerville

A collection of short stories by Tasmanian-born writer Chris Somerville, We Are Not the Same Anymore reflects upon loss, trauma, memory and isolation. Although each tale is varied, there is a strong …

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