Daniella Robertson

Daniella Robertson is the manager of Readings Malvern

Review — 30 May 2021

The Boy Who Stepped Through Time by Anna Ciddor

Have you ever wondered how you would cope with living in the ancient past? With no modern conveniences, weird food and even stranger rituals? That’s exactly the situation regular Aussie…

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Review — 28 Mar 2021

Heroes of the Secret Underground by Susanne Gervay

Twelve-year-old Louie loves living in Sydney with her Hungarian grandparents, helping them run the beautiful Majestic Boutique Hotel. But when she finds an antique rose gold locket, dropped by a…

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Review — 27 May 2019

The Girl Who Came Out of the Woods by Emily Barr

Artemis was raised in a secluded forest in India, part of a tiny community trying to create a place where humans could live together in peace and harmony. Arty grew…

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Review — 25 Feb 2018

Five Children and It by E. Nesbit

When five siblings discover a Psammead – an ancient, wish-granting, sand fairy – they think all their dreams have come true. The delightfully grumpy Psammead has eyes like a snail…

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Review — 24 Jul 2017

The Undercurrent by Paula Weston

Julianne de Marchi has a secret. A secret that she’s being blackmailed for. A secret that people would kill her to protect. Jules has been laying low since she inadvertently…

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