Bianca Looney

Bianca Looney is a former Readings Kids bookseller

Review — 1 Aug 2021

Kitty Quest by Phil Corbett

Perigold and Woolfrik are a quixotic duo starting out in the questing business. These would-be do-gooders encounter the no-so-good wizard, Dagzobad, the perfect villain, who without much help, manages to…

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Review — 2 Aug 2020

Across the Risen Sea by Bren MacDibble

Neoma and Jaguar are a team. They always do things together and dream of becoming the best fishing crew and salvagers on the whole of the inland sea. Self-subsisting and…

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Review — 5 May 2020

Blended by Sharon M. Draper

From the author of Out of My Mind comes an incredible story of a girl living in two worlds. Eleven-year-old Isabella’s parents are divorced and hardly get along. She lives…

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Review — 29 Mar 2020

Wink by Rob Harrell

High school, Year 7, everything is meant to be normal, right? But not for Ross Maloy. With a sudden and horrifying diagnosis Ross becomes the ‘cancer kid’. A rare, aggressive…

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Review — 23 Feb 2020

The Threads of Magic by Alison Croggon

Long ago in Clarel city, witches were held in high esteem. But now witchcraft is outlawed, and it is rumoured that soul-stealing ‘Spectres’ are gaining power. Pip lives with his…

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Review — 21 Jul 2019

The Watcher in the Garden by Joan Phipson

The slightly sinister title was what initially drew me in to this unusual thriller. Long after finishing the final pages, its unsettling after-effects still linger.

Sixteen-year-old Kitty (Catherine) struggles with…

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Review — 28 Mar 2021

Olivia by Ian Falconer

Have you ever been woken up by a prodigious drum solo at 5:00am, or found yourself receiving cooking advice from a pint-sized gourmand? Do you have a little person in…

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