Anaya Latter

Anaya Latter works as a bookseller at Readings St Kilda.


Friend of My Youth by Amit Chaudhuri

This loving, gentle book evokes the chaotic colours and sounds of Bombay through the eyes of an expatriate writer, returning to his childhood home. Weaving through time at an eddying pace, Amit Chaud…

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The Destroyers by Christopher Bollen

The Destroyers is a fast-paced, thrilling and engrossing holiday read. Sentences are thick with descriptors; the tight prose is rich with apt summations: ‘The imagination is a wild dog, it runs happi…

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Woman of Substances by Jenny Valentish

Jenny Valentish presents a raw, but relatable, account of her encounter with addiction. Woman of Substances is eminently readable, honest and revealing, not just about Valentish’s personal life and t…

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The Pleasures of Leisure by Robert Dessaix

In The Pleasures of Leisure, Robert Dessaix extols the virtues of doing less, with compelling insight and humour. He weaves an argument that we’ve lost the capacity to enjoy idleness and leisure. Tha…

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Bright, Precious Days by Jay McInerney

Occasionally a slight snobbery emerges from working in a bookshop. With all the books out there, not all are equally worthy of our time. Is every book amazing? Life changing? No, but if it’s enjoyabl…

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The Mandibles by Lionel Shriver

Lionel Shriver’s latest novel articulates a plausible but depressing near-future that plays on the fears of the middle class and upwardly mobile. The Mandibles: 2029–2047 traces the lives of three ge…

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The Media and the Massacre by Sonya Voumard

In The Media and the Massacre: Port Arthur 1996–2016 journalist Sonya Voumard examines the fallout from the 2009 publication of best-selling book Born or Bred? Martin Bryant: Making of a Mass Murdere

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Numero Zero by Umberto Eco

Early on in Numero Zero, Umberto Eco’s protagonist surmises, ‘If you want to win, you need to know just one thing and not to waste your time on anything else: the pleasures of erudition are reserved …

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