Happy Families: Fiction
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Happy Families: Fiction

Carlos Fuentes, Ms Edith Grossman (University of Brasilia)

In these spectacular vignettes, the internationally acclaimed author Carlos Fuentes explores Tolstoy’s classic observation that happy families are all alike; every unhappy family is unhappy in its own way. In A Family Like Any Other, each member of the Pagan family lives in isolation, despite sharing a tiny house. In The Mariachi’s Mother, the limitless devotion of a woman is revealed as she secretly tends to her estranged son’s wounds. Sweethearts reunites old lovers unexpectedly and opens up the possibilities for other lives and other loves. These are just a few of the remarkable stories in Happy Families, but they all inhabit Fuentes’s trademark Mexico, where modern obsessions bump up against those of the mythic past-and the result is a triumphant display of the many ways we reach out to one another and find salvation through irrepressible acts of love.

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