When Days Tilt: Time Catchers Book 1

Karen Ginnane

When Days Tilt: Time Catchers Book 1
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When Days Tilt: Time Catchers Book 1

Karen Ginnane

A historical fantasy adventure for teens set between Victorian London and a darker parallel city.

It’s 1858, and there are two queens on the throne. Victoria reigns over London, the biggest city the world has ever known. But London has a secret shadow city, called Donlon, where another queen, the Green Witch, rules her own domain - time.

London is in turmoil. The Thames is at the height of the Great Stink; a blazing comet is searing the sky; technology is moving so fast it seems otherworldly; and the city is exploding with more people than it can hold. Darwin is about to publish his theory of evolution and humanity’s very place in the world is in question. On top of all this, people are disappearing into thin air. If they return, it is with empty eyes and torn souls, never to be the same again.

Ava, a fourteen-year-old Londoner, feels trapped by the limited life of a young Victorian woman and by her watchmaking apprenticeship with her father. Her predictable world is turned upside down when she discovers that the body in her mother’s grave is not her mother, but a stranger.

When Ava goes in search of her real mother and her true identity, she is thrust into the dark world of Donlon and must fight a battle to save those she loves and the future of both worlds …


This fantasy novel is set in two cities; an alternate 1858 Victorian London and a shadow city called Donlen, ruled over by the Green Witch. Time is sometimes malleable in this world and the Green Witch can control it. Meanwhile, in London, people are disappearing, sometimes returning as if their life force has been taken.

Fourteen-year-old Ava has been brought up by her watchmaker father, believing that her mother died when she was young. In Donlen, Jack has been brought up an orphan and now works as an apprentice. When Ava suddenly disappears from London, reappearing in Donlen, she meets Jack and both of their lives change forever. Ava and Jack are forced on the run in an action-packed adventure involving the Green Witch herself. When Days Tilt is an exciting debut Australian novel with an unique concept about transforming time. The first in a duology, it heralds a new Australian voice and will be enjoyed by fantasy readers aged 11+.

Angela Crocombe is the manager of Readings Kids.

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