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Mitch Johnson

An outrageous theft. A huge reward. Two friends on the run. An uproariously funny, action-packed new adventure about the power of courage, standing up for what’s right, and fizzy drinks, from the award-winning author of Kick. Queenie stares out at the ocean and dreams of a world beyond her small-town. She’s about to get her wish…

When the priceless recipe to the world’s most popular drink - thought to be lost forever - washes up at her feet, Queenie’s life instantly changes. Everyone wants it, and with a $10 million bounty on her head, Queenie’s soon on the run.

Pursued by bounty hunters, black-ops helicopters and angry mobs, Queenie’s journey involves a trip to Area 51, a man-eating alligator and an unlikely new friend, Todd.

But being on the run also makes Queenie begin to see the world around her more clearly - a world in which a big corporation’s excess has left the planet covered in its plastic bottles and waste. Suddenly, the home she always dreamed of escaping, and the ocean she grew up with and took for granted, don’t seem so bad.

If Queenie and Todd can bring down the bad guys, maybe she can go back home and make a difference… 


When Mac-Tonic™, the most powerful company in the US, loses the top-secret recipe for its world-famous sugar-laden soft drink, a girl called Queenie finds it and quickly becomes the target of a countrywide hunt led by the powerful corporation.

The CEO and board of MacTonic™ are almost cartoonishly evil, casually talking about how climate change equals profit, and using advertising to subtly manipulate an entire country into vilifying Queenie. Their ruthlessness only makes this middle-grade adventure about standing up to corporate power even more brilliant. It feels so real, there barely seems to be much difference between Mac-Tonic™ and real multi-billion/trillion-dollar companies now – it’s hardly a stretch to believe that they’re all owned by the same person or the same groups of people, and that the real-life counterparts to Mac-Tonic™ wouldn’t also stop at nothing to turn a profit, no matter the cost of life.

Pop! is a terrifically fun and very motivating book to read. Great for readers ages 10+.

Dani Solomon is the assistant manager at Readings Kids.

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