How Max Made Good: Finding There is More to Life Than Congas, Comics, and Sci-Fi

Stephen Miller, Keith Patrick Mullins

How Max Made Good: Finding There is More to Life Than Congas, Comics, and Sci-Fi
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How Max Made Good: Finding There is More to Life Than Congas, Comics, and Sci-Fi

Stephen Miller, Keith Patrick Mullins

Running Out of Friends…Meet Max. A great looking guy, all he wants to do is read comic books, play his conga drums when he wants to and to finish his sci-fi novel. It doesn’t seem a lot to ask of life, particularly since his novel is so important. His friends are bound to realize just how important the novel is to him. So, his plan is to stay with friends until the novel is complete. Then, when it is a success, he will be able to pay everyone back.Unfortunately, writing while living with friends is not working out for him. One by one, he is overstaying his welcome with his friends, who wish he would just get a job, any kind of job, to support himself while he is working on his sci-fi novel. And, his difficult-to-live-with style and conga drum playing don’t make it any easier for his friends to put up with him. But, he can’t do some menial job; the book is just too important to put off in any way!Finally, he has run out friends willing to help. He owes all of them money, which he is absolutely certain he will be able to repay when he sells his novel. Why don’t they understand that? And, he is so close to finishing his novel. He just needs a little more time!Max ends up in a cheap hotel, broke, with only a week of rent. He has $14 left, and none of his friends even want to talk to him. He just cannot understand why everyone doesn’t recognize just how important his book is. He is so close! Even his best ex-girlfriend won’t help.Meanwhile, unknown to Max, he might have an inheritance, if his dad, an investment genius, wasn’t quietly embezzling it from him.Can he find a way to get the time he needs to finish his book? It doesn’t seem that there is anyone left he can turn to who would help him finish his novel. His dad doesn’t talk to him. His mother is traveling the world and is who knows where. He keeps looking, and things start to get both strange and surprising.Maybe his third ex-stepmother would help. If only he could find a way to pay his old friends back, when they won’t even talk to him…

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