CoffeeShop Blues: 2015 Traveler’s Edition

Nathaniel Hvizdos, Jeremy B Frost, Various Artists

CoffeeShop Blues: 2015 Traveler's Edition
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CoffeeShop Blues: 2015 Traveler’s Edition

Nathaniel Hvizdos, Jeremy B Frost, Various Artists

CoffeeShop Blues is a cafe where artists come together to relay stories, reveal art, read poetry and allow you to look at a few pieces, or play a song or two. It’s a welcoming spot for artists that span the globe. This cover is simply a portal that’ll bring you into a collage, though at first glance may seem black and white, yet actually is doused with a myriad of color; travel through the desert, into the city of London, across the seas to New Zealand, through ancient ruins and hidden gems of Ireland, over into India, down into Brasil(purposely spelled that way by request), through the streets of Italy and across the United States. As you make your way toward the counter for your cup of ‘Joe’, I’m sure you’ll make the acquaintance of at least one of the artists that helped put this together; Koyel Mitra, Robin Hall, Kenneth Schroeder, Tiera St. Claire, R.D., Koyel Mitra, Robin Hall, Nathaniel Schellhase Hvizdos, N.K. Wagner, Heather M. Brown, R.D. Taylor, Martin David Edwards, Apple Gidley, Janet Butler, Elisabeth Khan, Emma McKervey, Maria Ashworth, Stephanie Willimon, Stephanie Banks Middleton, Dr. Ronaldo Brandao Brochado, Mauro Leite Teixeira and Michael Christopher Markman can all be found relaxing and just hanging around inside. While Milagro Saints display their new album, TUPELO, and play a song from it. After your brief encounter with them, follow their links to get to know them a little better.

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