To Castle Kingside

John W Grundy

To Castle Kingside
Paper Jam Publishing
1 September 2023

To Castle Kingside

John W Grundy

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For the mercenary group PARLIAMENT, it was meant to be their final mission.One last quick little adventure, just for old times' sake.But now a rogue mentalist threatens the galaxy with his army of enhanced soldiers, and only Parliament, a group of aging mercenaries, can stop him. But he may have turned one of their party against his own. Can they overcome their past to save the future, in what might be their final mission?

Embark on a thrilling journey through the cosmos with To Castle Kingside, an action-packed sci-fi adventure, inspired by a group of friend's unique role-playing game. Renowned for their skills, loyalty, and honor, a legendary team of mercenaries from diverse alien backgrounds navigate a violent, yet morally driven path through a futuristic universe. Approaching the end of their storied careers, these battle-hardened adventurers now consider their retirement. But knowing their leader would be reluctant to embrace a life of leisure, they begrudgingly agree to one final job; a seemingly straightforward mission intended to appease their leader's desires. But their last assignment takes an unexpected turn when one of their comrades is abducted. In their pursuit to rescue their kidnapped friend, the mercenaries are swept into an extraordinary adventure.

Separated and confused, they traverse distant planets, unraveling a web of deceit, mystery, and the resurrection of familiar faces once believed long gone. Their journey gradually reveals the shocking truth behind the puzzle they have been drawn into, exposing a diabolical scheme that threatens the entire galaxy. As they race among the stars and against the clock, confronting unexpected challenges, the mercenaries face not only external conflicts, but introspective trials that test their relationships with each other. Bonds are strained, loyalties are questioned, and truths are unraveled, culminating in a realization of the staggering scale of the conspiracy they've become entangled in. Throughout the mayhem, new friendships are forged, enhancing their tight-knit team, while romantic entanglements blossom amidst the chaos of their mission.

To Castle Kingside is a riveting tale that seamlessly blends explosive action, intricate world-building, and profound character development. Get ready for a pulse-pounding space opera that will captivate fans of epic science fiction and fantasy alike, immersing them in a thrilling adventure that leaves them breathless to the last page.

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