Shadows and Lies

Deanna Ortega

Shadows and Lies
Deanna Ortega
30 July 2022

Shadows and Lies

Deanna Ortega

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After getting out of her arranged marriage-though not without bloodshed-Jane finds herself transported to a new land with two men she doesn’t know if she can trust. To save herself and her kingdom, Jane needs to untangle the web of lies she is caught in to figure out who she is behind all of her carefully curated masks.

A beast, even trapped behind the bars of a cage, is still a beast.

Alone once more with only the skills of a political pawn, Driata has few options. She must decide whether she will continue to play a game controlled by others or master her own and take control of her future. Will she be able to rally her embittered people to stand against the oppression of the wicked crown? Driata must determine if she is ready to go to war in order to save her kingdom.

True power came from those who knew how to manipulate the ones who wield it.

Liam is the villain in Jane’s story, but he’s desperate to be her hero. Baltazar’s constant threats may not be the only danger he has to face…and his soul may be stained in the process. What lengths is Liam willing to go to protect the few he cares for? The cost of Liam’s freedom may be too great.

I would not flinch. I would not falter. He would not break me.

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