Arter: A Pure Impurity Series Novel

Sylas Seabrook

Sylas Seabrook
1 August 2022

Arter: A Pure Impurity Series Novel

Sylas Seabrook

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For a hundred thousand years, Sumatta has reigned as the source of all life on the planet Arter. Arter is a pangean continent whose skies are filled by a constant aurora and whose science is based off of aten, small bits of energy captured by nature which harness the fundamental forces of nature.

Unel seeks to use aten to connect Arterians through their dreams in hopes of one day allowing Arterians to communicate through the mind directly. Finding the right aten and the right design for his device, the draumr, proves frustrating, and he finds himself relying on the support of his bonded (wife) to complete the project.

As he discovers the necessary formula and they begin a family, Sumatta brings a message. Sumatta, Guardian of Ages, is bringing a message of a new age which will change Arter forever and give new meaning to Unel’s hopes for the draumr device.

This story was 6 years in the making and is the first in a series of books which will take us deeper into the world-building of a universe of universes filled with characters who seek to better themselves, save the worlds the know, and the gods who play amongst them.

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