Risky Restoration

E F Dodd

Sugar Beaver Books, LLC
10 February 2023

Risky Restoration

E F Dodd

Googling an ex is always a crapshoot. Like any gamble, it can pay off big if you find out the idiot who left you is now thirty pounds overweight and lost a tooth from an unfortunate tailgating incident. The downside is that you could find out the worthless SOB is still attractive and, even worse, getting married to someone other than you. It's a slap in the face to Kez Walsh when she finds out Miller Thompson, her ex from law school, has done the latter. He was supposed to be hers forever, and when he decided that wasn't happening, she'd always believed he'd remain hung up on her and unable to move on.

But his having a wedding web page proves the only one stuck in a holding pattern is Kez. Determined to get a look at his new fiancee, if only to prove to herself things are really over with Miller, Kez decides to crash his upcoming high school reunion. What she didn't count on was meeting all six foot four inches of bearded and tattooed Jackson Jenkins her first night in town. He isn't spooked by her unorthodox reason for being there and doesn't hesitate to let Kez know he's the man she needs. His unwavering pursuit of Kez forces her to choose between hanging on to the past or finally moving on.

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