Down to the Sea: A Mystic Beach Fantasy Rockstar Romance (1.5)

Aislinn Archer

Down to the Sea: A Mystic Beach Fantasy Rockstar Romance (1.5)
Mystic Beach Press
8 July 2022

Down to the Sea: A Mystic Beach Fantasy Rockstar Romance (1.5)

Aislinn Archer

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Aedan Mace Mason is the lead singer of legendary rock band Telltale Signs and a fixture in the annual celebrity Sexiest Guy lists.

Brighid Weaver is the notoriously shy best friend of the guitar player for Telltale Signs opening act aMUSEd.

Mace and Brighid have nothing in common except a love of music - at least as far as anyone knows. But when a chance meeting brings the two together, secrets are discovered and sparks fly. What happens behind closed doors stays there, but this sneak-peek novel reveals what really happened when these two forces of nature collided.


I’m the least likely woman to end up in the bedroom of the Sexiest Guy on the Planet. But my best friend, Hunter, just opened up for Mace Mason’s band, the legendary Telltale Signs, and when Mace and I met, we just clicked.

I’m shy and awkward. He’s charming and confident. And we’re both in love with other people. So why is this rock god so determined to take this curvy girl to Ireland with him? The benefits of our friendship are definitely mutual, but how far can things between us really go when we’ve both already given our hearts to someone else?

Down to the Sea is a steamy paranormal rockstar romance that tells the story known by only two of the characters in Once Upon a Dream and Dream Weaver - the first and second books in the Mystic Beach Fantasy Rockstar Romance series. It is an interstitial novel (Book 1.5 in the series) set between those two books and should not be read as a standalone. Anyone not wanting spoilers for portions of Once Upon a Dream, as well as those who’d prefer to remain in the dark about what actually happened off-screen in that book, may want to hold off on reading this one. If you’re looking for a happily-ever-after, skip this one and move on to Book 2, Dream Weaver. You’ll find one there.

The story is told from Brighid’s point-of-view and reveals things Hunter, and the reader, were kept in the dark about during the course of events in Once Upon a Dream. It’s full of secrets and private moments, and a little drama. It’s also heavy on spirituality and personal growth, and despicts a deep and evolving friendship that holds the potential for something more. Steam factors are high for this story, Pack for cool Irish weather and one hot rockstar.

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