Precision Self-care for Nurses: The Elements of Care Program for Beating Burnout

Martha M Libster

Precision Self-care for Nurses: The Elements of Care Program for Beating Burnout
Golden Apple Publications
23 July 2022

Precision Self-care for Nurses: The Elements of Care Program for Beating Burnout

Martha M Libster

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Beating burnout is possible! This book will guide you step-by-step to heal-and prevent-burnout. Burnout is a common term for a state of perceived exhaustion of energy. Instead of dwelling on this problem that many nurses today are familiar with, this book focuses on solutions to beating burnout that you can immediately adapt to your personal needs.

This book is about precision self-care for common health concerns, life transitions, and excessive stress that can lead to burnout. In the Elements of Care® gentle medicine program detailed throughout this book, you will trace the roots of ancient healing traditions and discover the power of plant-based medicines.

Plant medicines are gentle but powerful catalysts for change and therefore healing. Herbalism as partnership with plants in human healing has stood the test of time. Simple, familiar, and accessible gentle medicines are the formula for reducing stress, increasing well-being, and beating burnout! Therefore, the Elements of Care® program begins with re-entering the world of plants.

Step into a laboratory for personal growth that is right within you and your own kitchen and garden-and beat burnout!

This special edition of the Elements of Care gentle medicine program for advanced practice and registered nurses features two books in one: Book and Experiential Guide.

Precision Self-care for Nurses seeks to add a new dimension to your current knowledge of health, healing, nursing, and self-care:

  • Master the 5 Elements of Care®-ether, fire, air, water, and earth-to select and create simple remedies for healing and preventing burnout

  • Incorporate an energetics-first approach to understanding health patterns

  • Partner with plants in the creation of a precision self-care plan

  • Pick the precise acts of kindness to give to yourself in times of stress

  • Engage in health culture diplomacy for access to a wider range of cares

  • Experiment with 15 guided Gentle Medicine Self-studies that lead to greater balance in body and peace of mind

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