Applications and Principles of Quantum Computing

Applications and Principles of Quantum Computing
IGI Global
United States
23 February 2024

Applications and Principles of Quantum Computing

In a world fueled by information and technology, we stand on the precipice of a monumental challenge - the limitations of classical computing. As the complexity of problems surges, from climate modeling to financial risk assessment, our conventional computational capabilities fall short. Confronted by the exponential growth of data and the intricacies of real-world dilemmas, we find ourselves grappling with barriers that hinder progress. These limitations cast shadows over our aspirations to revolutionize industries and unravel the mysteries of our universe. It is a chasm that can only be bridged by transcending the boundaries of classical computing. Principles and Applications of Quantum Computing, edited by the accomplished Alex Khang PH from the Department of AI and Data Science, is a book which stands as a definitive solution to the quantum conundrum. Diving into the multidisciplinary realms of computer science, physics, and mathematics, it unveils the untapped potential of quantum computing - a realm 158 million times faster than even the most sophisticated supercomputers. With quantum mechanics as its bedrock, this technology heralds a new era of computation, igniting hope for the seemingly insurmountable problems that plague our world. Principles and Applications of Quantum Computing not only introduces the principles and concepts that underpin quantum computing but also illuminate its myriad applications across diverse domains. From artificial intelligence and cybersecurity to financial modeling, drug development, and beyond, this book stitches together a tapestry of insights from quantum computing scientists, researchers, engineers, and scholars worldwide. By embracing this compendium, you are not merely gaining knowledge - you are becoming a pioneer in the quantum revolution. Contribute to this intellectual movement and be at the forefront of innovations that will redefine the limits of what is possible in the digital age.

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