Lethal Weapons Die Hard

Dr. Robbie King

Lethal Weapons Die Hard
United States
2 January 2024

Lethal Weapons Die Hard

Dr. Robbie King

The Complete Story of the Genre That Shaped an Entire Generation If you are a gen-xer or an early millennial or even a late boomer, a large part of your life was likely forged by the movies you watched growing up at some point in the 1980s or early 1990s. Some of these flicks were undoubtedly those in the action genre of the 1980s, a very unique moment in the history of cinema... a time when heroes were bold, brave, and buff figures who would laugh in the face of danger and destroy the bad guys without even blinking an eye. We're talking about the Ramboes, the Lethal Weapons, the Terminators, John McClaines, Nicos, Robocops, Rockys, Axel Foleys and everybody in between. In short, the guys who you looked up to at that moment from a time long gone. For the first time in history, here we present a comprehensive book that covers the alpha to omega of that extremely niche genre, from its origins to its influences, to its historical context, creations, major players and 100 best movies.

This is the first book of its kind in the world. For while books on this category of motion pictures have been written before, there has never been something like this in level of detail and analysis. Now, come with me if you want to learn!

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