Mysti Parker, Lindsey R Loucks

Lindsey Loucks
9 February 2021


Mysti Parker, Lindsey R Loucks

Wren's fourth mate just might be the death of her...that is if the world doesn't end first.

Wren, true heir to the vampire's Southern Clan throne, has recently joined the Kidnapped Multiple Times Club. She's certain she's sick of it--until she meets her latest kidnapper and potential fourth mate.

He's dangerous. He's lethal. He's basically Idris Elba in leather. And he looks damn good in a tux.

He'll make the perfect date for a cult party. The murderess queen will be there, and Wren can sever her crown once and for all. If he can be persuaded, that is.

Hawk--a highly trained assassin--wants to be left alone to do his job. He's had a headache nearly forever, a throbbing one that beats in time with his strange new tattoo like a ticking clock.

Fitting since the woman named Wren has been prophesied by his granddad to end the world in one week.

One week. Hardly enough time to stop an apocalypse, much less to accept his role as Wren's fourth mate.

Even if they save the world and sever the crown, their future together could be as unforgiving as the clock ticking down their final seconds--as Wren, Hawk, and all her other mates are about to learn the hard way.

Join the revolution!

Book 1: Emergence Book 2: Defiance Book 3: Obsession Book 4: Relentless Book 5: Ascension

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