Pickle Beach Comics

Rod Warren

Pickle Beach Comics
Rodney Evans Warren
29 June 2022

Pickle Beach Comics

Rod Warren

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A comic strip about some of the residents that live in the coastal town of Pickle Beach. A lot of the action will take place at Pickle Beach High (their mascot is the Sea Cucumber), but the kids like to spend most of their free time at the beach, of course, where they surf, play volleyball, and spend their allowances at Sarge’s Squid Shack or Biggies Burgers in town. One of the main characters is Woody, who is a vertically challenged kid who surfs, plays volleyball, and plays the drums.Woody’s sister is Dotty, who loves to pester her brother and show her affection to their pet cat, Mr. Snuggles. Woody’s best friend is Hodaddy, who is a tall, lanky red-headed kid that talks to animals and sometimes speaks before thinking, which occasionally gets him into trouble. Kahuna is the big kid on campus. He is a sarcastic Polynesian who eats anything and loves to play his ukulele and surf.Two girls that go to Pickle Beach High are Stacy and Stella, better known as the Thompson Twins. They are two precocious strawberry blondes who play on the school volleyball team and love to beat Woody and Hodaddy at beach volleyball. They also go to church every Sunday like good little girls.Of course, every school has its bully and Pickle Beach is no exception. Gronski is the middle linebacker for the high school football team and loves to make everyone’s life miserable. Tommy Gunn is Gronski’s sidekick who also plays on the football team and does Gronski’s dirty work when called upon.Mr. Jordan, is a cool, hip teacher that teaches Chemistry at the high school and likes to make his class fun for the students as long as they don’t blow anything up. He also moonlights as the school sports announcer.Another teacher is Mrs. Ledbottom. She teaches math and loves to send kids to the principal’s office… for anything. Pickle Beach’s heart throb is Wendy, the car hop at Biggie’s Burgers. Wendy is a buxom blonde that makes all the high school boys drool. The man who keeps the law and order in town is Officer Turk. He’s a narcissistic by-the-book cop who hassles the high school kids every chance he gets. He also has a crush on Wendy at Biggies Burgers, but he has a hard time convincing Wendy he’s more interested in her than himself.The last character is the Sarge. Sarge is an old Army vet who has sergeant stripes tattooed on his arms and owns the Squid Shack on the beach where he serves up such exotic fare as squid burgers, calamari fries, and kelp smoothies.

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