Journey Into the Mythic Deep: Seven Above Seven Below

Cougar Penhaligon

Journey Into the Mythic Deep: Seven Above Seven Below
Robert Cougar Penhaligon
30 May 2022

Journey Into the Mythic Deep: Seven Above Seven Below

Cougar Penhaligon

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This screenplay is a 21st Century Heroic Journey with 9000+ year old Mythic roots. It is a glimpse at Mankind’s Awakening Consciousness desiring a Moral Philosophy and healing Self & Others from Centuries of Pain & Torment. The Tragedies of Worldly Life, the Bliss & Horror of Near Death Experiences, the Magic of Mt. Shasta and the Chilling Other-Worldly Visitations are clarified into One intense final Dream Vision, tapping into right brain Universal Consciousness.

Follow one man’s journey into THE DEEP, coursing through dreamscapes, accidental deaths, emotional trauma, meditation, stroke and much more. Is he a Ulysses in modern times? He is not a king nor commands a kingdom. He does not bathe in riches. He is virtually unknown. He is every man and woman who strives for excellence and struggles for meaning and truth in this world. Is there an inner Gilgamesh in all of us, heroically seeking?

Our 21st Century Hero plays with Gods in Heaven and wrestles with Minions of Hell. Conversing with Angels and Mythic figures, he is challenged with a great puzzle which may impact all Humankind. Now he must face the mysteries of his own heart. Can Wisdom be taught or only experienced?

The Religious, the Spiritual, the Agnostic and the Atheist merge into Oneness because an Ancient Forgotten Symbol compels it to be. Astonishingly, Gilgamesh, the first known Heroic Journey for all of us from 2600 BCE, is now unintentionally resolved. His lifelong grief of the mortality of his dear friend Enkidu is discovered as an illusion. His new found Immortality stolen from him by a snake is taken to a new level. His defying and cursing of the Goddess has shifted into New Awareness.

All of this sounds like a pretty tall order to fill. It was very serendipitous, synchronistic and yes, orchestrated by THE DEEP all along! Unless one is a naturally born mystic, this story is too incredible to be true. Let the gentle readers believe what they will and reject what they deem impossible. None-the-less, the story stands on its own merit. It is what It Is said the Holy Sufi Rumi.

This engagingly enhanced screenplay is not based on a true story. It IS a true story. Great effort went into keeping it as true as possible without losing its dynamic movement forward. The expression Truth is stranger than fiction has now been stretched to its very limits. Enhanced means the mental meat of a book has been added to the skeleton of the industrially standard screenplay. Engagingly means one has the internet option of enjoying specific songs directly relating to the appropriate passages while reading. This is as close as one can get to a movie without being a movie, and simultaneously lending more emotional depth. We are courageously breaking new ground with these two engaging enhancements.

Sit back and imagine the movie the way the author envisions it to be. For those who enjoy and perhaps even love this book, let us hope we get to see the movie one day!

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