The Divine Academy

K L Hart

The Divine Academy
K.L Hart
30 July 2022

The Divine Academy

K L Hart

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Aurora turned seventeen less than ten minutes ago when she was brutally murdered on her way home from work! She wakes up in heaven and when her powers are released in the unbinding ceremony the real problems start, not only is she the only person to ever have all ten Archangels powers, Lucifer is determined to make her the princess of hell! Aurora Is prophosised to end the ragin war between the Angels and the Demons but which side will she help? with colour changing wings, crazy powers and A god of man she has fell in love with how will she get through year one of the Academy! Welcome to the Divine Academy,

In year one you will be learning about the angelic history and powers, we will start your magic, battle and other training to give you the best possible start to being a junior Angel. If you do not pass the first year and prove your soul is pure then you will be sent back to earth to live another life. If you pass and prove yourself you will officially become a junior angel and your powers will greatly increase, you will then discover your unique skill set and will be assigned a career path which will be more focused on in years three and four.


Does everyone come to heaven?

No everyone under the age of eighteen automatically comes here, if you are nineteen or over you would have had to prove your goodness and your pure soul in life.

What happens to people who do not come here?

They are reincarnated and their soul gets another chance to prove themselves with a new life.

Is hell real?

Hell is very much real, but people are not sent there, demons live there with their ruler and maker Lucifer.

Are angel’s immortal.

Yes, unless you are sent back to earth in your first year and stripped of your angelic gifts, you are immortal.

Can we speak to loved ones on earth?

No, you may never have contact with your loved ones until they arrive here.

Contains, Angels, Demons, Vampires, Warewolves, witches, Warlocks, fae and much more!!

**has graphic sex scenes**

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