Avian Influenza in Human

Springer Verlag, Singapore
3 June 2022

Avian Influenza in Human

Some avian influenza viruses can infect humans, cause disease, and even result in deaths. This book comprehensively and systematically presents the theory, diagnosis and clinical treatment of typical avian influenza viruses in human. The first chapters introduce the ethiology, epidemiology, clinical diagnosis and treatment of human avian influenza and complications. The following chapters include overview, extensive images, differential diagnosis and clinical cases of H7N9, H5N1, H5N6, H10N8, H9N2 and H7N4 avian influenza. Written by practitioners directly involved in the prevention and clinical treatment of human avian influenza, it will be an invaluable aid for practitioners in centers for infectious disease control and prevention, hospitals, and academic institutions to improve prevention, diagnosis and treatment of avian influenza in human.

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