Network Marketing: A Start-Right Guide to Building a Business That Feels Good to You

Network Marketing: A Start-Right Guide to Building a Business That Feels Good to You
Jannie Bak
12 March 2019

Network Marketing: A Start-Right Guide to Building a Business That Feels Good to You

How to succeed in Network Marketing You may be new to network marketing or have previously have had a stab at it without making any money. It’s okay if you haven’t found success yet and it’s never too late to give yourself another chance with a new perspective. Only, this time you have to do it right and Network Marketing will show you how.

Who is this book for?

You are new to network marketing

You’ve been in networking marketing for a while but haven’t made any money

You’re ready to escape your 9 to 5 job

You are passionate about designing a life on your own terms

Long-time network marketer, Jannie Bak shares her personal story and reflections on her decades in network marketing. Today Jannie is a full-time networker but it wasn’t always that way. The author is not a sales superstar or marketing genius - she is an ordinary woman from a small town in Denmark who is driven by her quest for meaning and purpose in life.

A mother of two by age 22, she had a number of professions including a nursery assistant, a factory worker, a healthcare assistant, a sales assistant, a sales coordinator and a sales manager. And one day, perhaps like you, a friend introduced her to a network marketing opportunity selling health pills.

Can you relate to her story?

Success did not come right away. Excitement about the business model soon turned sour as she met with dozens of variations of No No. No, thank you. No, that’s too expensive. No, it is better to eat vegetables and vitamins daily. No, it’s a pyramid scheme. No, we don’t have the time. No, I cannot afford it. You’ve probably hearn the same things from people you’ve shared your product with.

Her initial experience left a bad taste and she gave up… until years later another opportunity that was more aligned with her values presented itself and soon she reached the top of the ladder in her new company.

Some of the concepts covered in this book include:

What is network marketing and what are the benefits?

Is there a difference between network marketing and multi-level marketing

How to find the best company for you

What skills are required to succeed?

Should you represent more than one company?

How to handle network marketing haters

How to align your business with your passion

How to find the best mentors

This book also provides a helpful recommended reading list, offers prospecting and follow up techniques, and a 6-step meeting template that feels good to you as you share from the heart.

The network marketing business model may not be for everyone, but the author has discovered that it works for her. If you also dream about designing your own life to provide you with more time for yourself and the things that you are passionate about then this personal, down to earth account (without the hype of many books on this topic) will inspire you to reach for new possibilities.

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