The Doll Who Loved Me

Gigi Potemkin

The Doll Who Loved Me
Potemkin Books
14 May 2023

The Doll Who Loved Me

Gigi Potemkin

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John is a loser. A loner. A hopeless, broken young man trapped between a rock and a hard place-or perhaps, between trauma and dead-end jobs.

Yearning for relief from his crippling loneliness and broken heart, he comes across a sex doll with the face of an angel and the body of a warrior; a beautiful, steel-hard warmaiden who is as tall as she is gorgeous and as warm as she is strong.

In the muscular arms of this battle-forged beauty, John hopes to find comfort and love. In her bountiful curves, he seeks softness and care, and in her abundant muscles, he seeks the strength and protection he so sorely lacks.

She is the strongest, most beautiful, most impossible woman on the planet... but nothing is as it seems. As the nights roll by and his heart begins to heal, John wonders if there's more to this astonishing woman than meets the eye, and a series of paranormal phenomena soon reveals a much more sinister nature at the core of this doll's heart.

As reality around him begins to break and unfold, John will embark on a journey of love, self-discovery, and acceptance that will see him making his first friends, meeting his first love, and escaping the throes of an unquenchable demon dominatrix.

The Doll Who Loved Me is the story of a lonely young man being haunted by his sex doll and finding love in the strangest of circumstances. In this first volume, follow him as he struggles with his past, traumas, and pains, discovers kindness in the muscled arms of a warrior goddess, makes his first friends, hangs out in a pub, and goes for a very long walk in a park.

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