Latin American critical thought

Lucia Bravo

Latin American critical thought
Our Knowledge Publishing
29 July 2023

Latin American critical thought

Lucia Bravo

This research paper aims to analyse the development of Latin American critical thought, specifically taking the decolonial option. The spatial framework is Latin America, although the decolonial option is not limited to Latin America alone. This critical current of thought is nucleated in the Modernity/Coloniality Group, where I postulate as a central axis overcoming Eurocentrism and the totalising vision of Modernity, both in the Social Sciences and in other aspects: economic, political, social, among others. One of the main challenges facing Latin American critical thought lies in posing the need for situated knowledge, leading to a critique of the legitimising discourses of the colonial order and the vision of an inferior other. This paper aims, from the analysis of the main notions and contributions of the group, to make a contribution to the opening up of the study of the social sciences by demonstrating the need to develop alternative forms to the Eurocentric ones.

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