Sleuths and Surprises

Janie Owens, Jessica Brimer, Debbie De Louise

Sleuths and Surprises
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6 November 2023

Sleuths and Surprises

Janie Owens, Jessica Brimer, Debbie De Louise

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A collection of three cozy mystery novels by Janie Owens, Jessica Brimer and Debbie De Louise, now available in one volume!

The Murder: This mystery follows retired couple Rachel and Joe as they settle into their new condo. However, their peaceful life is disrupted when Rachel's friend is murdered. As they delve into the investigation, they encounter several suspicious characters, including an abusive husband, a hitman, and a strange man in a top hat. Along the way, Rachel and Joe's own relationship is tested, and they learn the importance of trust and love. Janie Owens's 'The Murder' is full of quirky neighbors and unexpected surprises.

A Binding Chance: Garnet Stone loves working at Teresa's Bookstore, in East Tennessee. When the owner passes away and leaves the store to her niece, Jane, Garnet works hard to impress her new boss. However, when a dead body is found in the store, Jane becomes the prime suspect. Since Garnet's roots are in a law enforcement family, she takes it upon herself to solve the case and clear Jane's name. But with unusual clues and concrete alibis, the case proves to be more complicated than she expected. If Garnet fails to solve the murder, Teresa's Bookstore will be lost forever.

The Case Of The Cat Crazy Lady: Cathy and Douglas are the owners of a pet cemetery and animal rescue center in Buttercup Bend. When the town's "Cat Crazy Lady," Maggie Broom, is found dead, Cathy is surprised to learn that her business is the recipient of most of Maggie's estate. When Maggie's siblings come to town and another murder occurs, Cathy and her reporter friend, Nancy, set out to solve the case. As they dig deeper, they must uncover who really wanted Maggie dead, and why.

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